Alcolizer Hh4 Breath Tester


Alcolizer HH4 Alcohol Tester


Advanced performance Alcolizer HH4 Alcohol Tester (HH4) has a highly responsive electrochemical platinum fuel cell that delivers fast and accurate results in heavy industrial use as well as in law enforcement applications.

Advanced performance, law enforcement grade

Alcolizer HH4 (HH4) has a highly responsive platinum electrochemical fuel cell that delivers fast and accurate results in heavy industrial use as well as in law enforcement applications.

Multi-function testing

Performs both Active (Standard) mouthpiece and Passive test modes to suit any workplace Drug and Alcohol testing program. HH4 offers the latest of Alcolizer’s technology advancements – Pressure-Activated Passive Testing and Fast-Passive Testing. Pressure-Activated is automatically activated by breath pressure provided by a test subject. Fast-Passive is a new, faster response time for Passive Testing.

Durable and Capable

Developed for heavy duty conditions, the Alcolizer HH4 has a robust, shock resistant casing delivering durability and reliability in commercial, industrial and remote environments.

Connected for maximum functionality

Multiple connectivity options include AlcoCONNECT Toolbox for data download and Bluetooth printing.
Download AlcoCONNECT™ mobile app from Google Play to conduct and save testing onto a mobile device. Then sync stored results to AlcoCONNECT™ Live Drug & Alcohol data management – the complete solution and access live analysed results from any device.

Service and support

Each HH4 has a 36 month warranty and is supported by the AlcoCARE™ program.
Alcolizer HH4 is supported by a global network of service providers and factory trained professional technicians to provide calibration and expert service support.
HH4 is proudly designed designed, developed and made in Australia by Alcolizer Technology to AS3547 Certification Type 2.
Alcolizer Technology is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

Consumables, Accessories and options

Alcolizer offers a wide range of consumables and accessories including Standard or non-return valve saliva trap mouthpieces, durable and waterproof hard carry cases, Bluetooth printing and the AlcoCONNECT mobile app for capturing real-time mobile testing.


HH4 requires calibration every six months (190 days) as per Australian Standards Certification requirement.
HH4 will display a warning message after switch on if 14 days or less remain before calibration is required.
Alcolizer will also contact you with a friendly reminder to send your HH4 into your nearest Alcolizer Certified Calibration & Servicing Centre for prompt calibration.

About Alcolizer

Alcolizer provides testing kits and devices that ensure your workers are not working under the influence. They specialise in drug and alcohol testing.

Commercial and Industry
SENSOR TYPE Law enforcement grade, highly responsive platinum electrochemical fuel cell
ACCURACY Absolute accuracy to better than 0.005 at 0.100g/100ml (BAC)
BAC RANGE 0.000 – 0.500g/100ml (BAC)
TEST TIME Within 3-5 seconds for a 0.050g/100ml (BAC) result
Instant for 0.000 BAC readings (retained on-screen for 5 seconds)
DISPLAY Transreflective colour graphics LCD screen
MOUTHPIECE Standard spigot locator or non-return valve
CALIBRATION 6 monthly back-to-base calibration at an Alcolizer service facility
RANGE -5°C to 50°C
Rechargeable Li-lon battery system
272g (including battery and cover)
202mm H x 63mm W x 39mm D
  • Active (Standard) mouthpiece and Passive test modes. New Alcolizer’s passive technology advancements – Pressure-Activated Passive Testing and Fast-Passive Testing
  • Advanced functionality with colour screen
  • Industrial grade alcohol tester, robust and reliable
  • Bluetooth connectivity standard
  • Connect via AlcoCONNECT™ mobile app
  • Download capability with AlcoCONNECT™ Toolbox software
  • Easy back to base calibration at your nearest Alcolizer Certified Calibration & Servicing Centre
  • 36 month warranty – easy online registration
  • Proudly designed, developed and manufactured by Alcolizer Technology to ISO:9001 quality standards

Included with every HH4 purchase:

  • 4x Alcolizer approved mouthpieces
  • AC/DC charger and Vehicle charger
  • USB data download cable
  • Soft shoulder bag