About Us

Safety: It's Who I Am!

Hello! happy to meet you my name is Safety Sam and I'm PDS' newest employee!

I’m excited to talk with you
about safety, and not just because
I’m with a safety company!
In fact, safety is my middle name…
or more accurately, my first name.

Safety Sam
Safety Sam

So why is safety so important to me?
I guess being knowledgeable in safety
was kind of necessary for my health.
You see, I’m a huge adrenaline junkie.
Skydiving? Surfing? Juggling knives
while riding a unicycle? I’m all for it!

Taking risks means I need to pay
attention to my safety PPE and habits.
After all, I wouldn’t be able to
climb any more mountains
if I injure my legs!

Safety Sam
Safety Sam

That’s why I love trying out the
latest PPE and learning new ways
to keep safe! I’m here to help you
with all your safety needs. Looking
forward to knowing you better! :)

(Safety Sam is employed by, and managed by, PDS International)