Custom Services


Our Safety Harness Inspection Services

Knowledge is power. What good is a shield if you don’t know how to wield it? As your trusted safety experts, we at PDS are happy to help you and your team get familiar with our products, particularly when it pertains to our safety harnesses and the requisite maintenance steps you should carry out during inspections. Check out our list of training services below!

Consultancy and Hazard Analysis

Knowing is half the battle. Understanding potential hazards and risks at your workplace will keep you better defended against accidents. As part of this service, we will scout your workplace and suggest options to mitigate and avoid risks. These could be, but aren’t limited to, chemical or gas leaks, fall spaces and fire hazards. If there’s a risk you haven’t thought of, we’ll make sure to cover it in our analysis!

Customised Design & Interaction Engineering

Our team will identify the safety needs of your existing workplace, then customise and install fixed safety features to support the existing framework. Our recommendations will cover not just how to manage hazards within the workspace, but also examine opportunities to ensure other safety features are implemented, such as general monitoring for gas detection, as well as calibration for such systems.

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance of Encapsulated Chemical Suit

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance of Fall Protection Equipment

Gas Detector Calibration

Quantitative and Qualitative Respirator Fit Test

Service and Maintenance of SCBA

Fixed Gas Detector System

User Familiarization Training of Fall Protection Equipment

Customised Fixed Fall Protection

Short and Long Term Rental Services