Storage cabinets and warning signs are

First responders need an easy way to determine the type of hazardous material
involved in an accident. That’s why safety cabinets and warning stickers should
adhere to this colour code:

Yellow: flammable material
Red: combustible material
Green: pesticides
Blue: hazardous chemicals

Light corrosive materials
Justrite cabinets come in these colours by default, making it easy to find the
right cabinet for you!

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Flammable vs Combustible

Justrite offers safety cabinets for both flammable and combustible materials. 

What’s the difference between the two terms?

Flammable liquids have a low flash point, usually below 37.8 degrees. This means that it can easily ignite at relatively low temperatures, making the risk high. 

On the other hand, combustible materials have a flash point between 37.8 and 93.3 degrees. It will still catch fire if suddenly exposed to a source of high heat, so be careful!


Customisable to fit your storage needs

Each workplace is different, and so are the requirements for storage. 

Do you need more shelves to store more bottles, or less shelves to store several large items? 

Do you require flammable safety cabinets in a different colour? No problem. 
Justrite cabinets come in a variety of storage sizes and each can be customised to your liking.

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Waste disposal that doesn’t waste lives

Justrite offers more than just cabinets for storing materials. 

You can rest assured that from funnel to waste can, the waste products your produce as part of your production processes will remain contained and secure. 

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