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Chemical Spills Kit And A Clean And Safe Workspace For You

Everybody needs a clean workspace. While it might be easy to do so in a regular office, it’s a different story when you’re involved in industrial work. Dangerous chemical leaks are part and parcel of your everyday routine. But with a chemical spill kit, you’ll have the power to change your work area for the better.

One Dedicated Multi-Kit For All Messes

Whether it’s a convenient spill caddy, a full chemical spill kit or a bucket, keep all your clean-up tools and equipment in one dedicated place. So that if there are any emergency toxic or hazardous spills, you’ll know exactly where to find the supplies you need.

Easy To Spot For A Swift Response

Designed to be eye-catching in a bright, striking yellow, the chemical spill kits you’ll find at PDS International have high visibility, so you can easily spot the container from a distance for quick access.

The next time a spill happens at your workstation, there’s no need to panic. You can get a cost-effective spill kit equipped with universal absorbents to soak up oils, coolants, solvents, chemicals and water, to pick up every last drop of liquid in the spill area. There are also kits stocked with safety and clean-up equipment like caution roll tape, gloves, goggles, hand broom, and a dustpan.

No More Messy Chemical Spills 

The number one priority is to keep you and your team safe from harm. With a chemical spill kit that works, you’ll be able to save precious response time and maintain an injury-free work environment.  

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