Heightec Rescuepack Rescue System, 50M (Lifting Or Lowering)


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Heightec Rescuepack Rescue System - WK32050 - 50m

Rescue system for recovery of suspended person by lowering/lifting.

The RescuePack is the most simple yet versatile award winning self contained dedicated fall arrest rescue system available. Designed to recover a suspended person from almost any fall protection system by lowering or lifting. Specialist in rescue of someone suspended on a fall arrest rescue system.

RescuePack delivers a mechanical advantage for lifting of around 3:1 by the use of the stainless steel HURRICANE. Rope device can pay rope out but lock when a load is applied. Hook can attach to D ring or harness shoulder strap if needed.

Telescopic pole extends for 3.5m to reach a casualty on an extended energy absorbing lanyard.

Fall Arrest Rescue System can be used in very constricted space and does not need anchor points to be placed in specific positions. HURRICANE pulley mechanism can be placed on the rope at any point for recovery.


  • Unique, patented product available only from heightec.
  • Alloy locking pulley for reliability and durability.
  • Special cam X-Cam design is specifically for industrial or professional use and offers immediate purchase on the rope whilst minimising the potential for rope damage.
  • Widely used in fire and rescue service and specially selected for use by all official UK Urban Search and Rescue Teams. Received innovation award by British Safety Industry Federation.
  • The simplicity and compactness of the HURRICANE compared with other traditional systems is a major advantage in allowing non-experts to achieve the lifting of a suspended casualty.
  • It is the only product to allow intuitive assembly of such a system. It can be attached at any point along the rope, even if it is loaded and the lifting system can be remote from the casualty, reducing the amount of rope required by 70%.

QUADRA rescue Life-lining and back-up device

  • 4 different functions: Life-lining – controlling a safety line attached to a rescuer, Lowering – remotely controlling a load, Hauling – self-locking load raising, Descending – self lowering of operator
  • Operator is able to change from one function to another instantly, while rope is loaded and without adding additional components.
  • Patented double-braking mechanism increases friction under heavy loading and reduces rate at which friction is released.
  • Folding handle design prevents accidental operation due to interference or poor rigging.
  • QUADRA is rated at 200kg making it suitable for most rescue applications. It also has capacity to arrest a 250kg load at fall factor 1/3 without damage to rope and retaining full function.
  • It has been developed with and is extensively used by UK Fire Services and other industrial rescue teams.

Core Components

  • Hurricane.
  • Quarda Rope Device.
  • RescuePole.
  • Non-release hook.
  • Anchor sling, protected.
  • Connectors.
  • Rescue Shears.
  • Rope, 25m or 50m.
  • Kit Bag with shoulder straps and roll top closure.


  • Does not require the rescuer to be part of the system.
  • Able to raise a casualty over an edge or hand rail.
  • Requires only one quarter of the rope used by competing designs.
  • Telescopic pole can reach to the length of 3.3m.


Sizing 50m
Material Various
Loading QUADRA - 200 kg maximum load. Tested with 1m fall, 200 kg fall factor 1/3 on 11 mm Tectra low stretch rope, without rope damage.
Weight 7 kg
Conformity Various EN Approvals