Heightec Twist Chest Ascender


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1 - 4 SGD 99.94
5 - 9 SGD 98.12
10 - 14 SGD 94.49
15 + SGD 90.86

Heightec Twist Chest Ascender - D42

Rope access chest ascender incorporating X-Cam. Can be integrated into full harness or used to link sit & chest harnesses.
  • The TWIST chest ascender rope access device has profiled attachment points and slimline design ensure that the TWIST sits flat against the chest of the user.
  • The ergonomic catch allows single-handed operation.
  • Detach-ability gives greater flexibility of use and economic replacement option.
  • The materials and design used in construction have been selected to provide high strength and durability needed for industrial applications.
  • Each TWIST chest ascender rope access device is individually marked for traceability and all parts are visible for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • TWIST chest ascender rope access device with X-Cam design which can be used with combination harness or with separate sit & chest harness.
  • When tested on new Tectra 11 mm low stretch rope, our X-Cam ascenders were found to be 25% stronger than their most popular sharp toothed competitor, with average breaking loads up to 675 kg for X-Cams versus 535 kg for the established design.
  • X-Cam has a more advanced tooth design than traditional cams and is more suitable for industrial applications as it does not pluck the rope, so reducing rate of rope wear.

X-Cam design gives increased performance over traditional sharp tooth design

  • Cam exerts considerable grip on rope after sheath has broken.
  • Cam doesn’t pluck rope.
  • Easy to remove from rope if accidentally jammed into knot.

Ergonomic shape with profile grip

  • Giving optimum pulling position.
  • Improved comfort.


  • X-Cam advanced tooth design.
  • X-Cam superior geometry.
  • Profiled attachment points & slimline design.
  • Ergonomic low-profile release catch.
  • Detachable from the harness.
  • High strength & durable construction.
  • Individual serial number.


Sizing Rope diameter 10mm - 13mm ropes
Material Alloy body, Steel cam
EN Mass Test 125 kg
Loading 125 kg
Weight 0.16 kg
Conformity EN 567, EN 12841B