Rpb Z-Link Respirator, Includes: 16-810 Safety Lens, 16-721 Zytec Fr Shoulder Cape


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RPB Z-Link Respirator-16-010-21

The most versatile multi-purpose respirator on the planet. The RPB® Z-Link®serves the widest spectrum of industries and applications on the market including welding, grinding, pharma and chemical handling. Certifications include: NIOSH, CE, ANSI Z87+, ANSI Z89.1, ANSI Z87W and DIN plus. This is more than a product. It's a system. Engineered to advance your safety. Designed to increase your productivity. Work in comfort with the first-ever padded welding helmet.


  • Part# 16-721 : Zytec®FR Shoulder Cape.
  • Part # 16-810 : Safety Lens Anti Fog/Anti Scratch.


  • Visor Hinges Open to allow for free air breathing  and easy communication. 
  • Superior Welding The Z-Link+E clips directly onto your main 
    visor and can be easily removed. 
  • Choice Of Ansi Z87+ Safety Visors Premium Clear, Green Tint (Shade 5), Yellow Tint, Black Tint and Mirror Tint. 
  • In-Helmet Communication System 'Comms-LinC' - fits directly to the Z-Link' with no modifications
  • 4 Ear Defender System 'Quiet-LinkW' - fits directly to the Z-Link@ with no modifications. 
  • Helmet Lighting System 'Vision-LinkW' - an unobtrusive helmet lighting system. 


Greater visibility in a multi-purpose respirator. Exceptional downward and peripheral vision combined with a visor that hinges open for free air breathing and easy communication.

Unbeatable Comfort 

Comfort-Link Fit System -Introducing a fully-adjustable Comfort-Link Fit System allowing for total control of helmet and head placement. Customization has been turbo-charged with a 360-degree adjustable head band, enabling you to position your eyes and nose from the lens to the precise millimeter.

Design & Engineering

  • Breakthrough Weight Distribution Design - Along with lightweight, unobtrusive accessories, this minimizes stress on your head and neck.
  • Aerodynamic Heat Reflecting Shell - Deflects fumes and manufactured from high temperature impact nylon.
  • Fixed Jaw -Ensures secure cape attachment at all times.

About RPB Safety

RPB respirators (PAPRs) are optimised for safety, comfort and portability. Whether you're welding, grinding, painting or experimenting in a lab, RPB is a brand you can trust.