Rpb Gx4 Gas Monitor Incl. Co Cartridge 10Ppm


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RPB GX4 Gas Monitor - 08-400-01-UK

The RPB® GX4™ is an intelligent gas monitor that has the ability to detect up to 4 gases simultaneously, giving you assurance that the air you and your employees are breathing is safe.

  • GX4 Gas Monitor Incl. Co Cartridge 10PPM.
  • GX4 ® GAS MONITOR - 3 Blank Sensor Cases, C0 Sensor,Air Supply Hose, Power Adapter Pack and Mounting Bracket.


  • Real Time Monitoring - Monitor up to 4 gases Simultaneously from the informative and illuminated unit display.
  • Advanced Alarm System - Fitted With a 103 dBA staccato alarm. External alarms can be connected for remote operators.
  • Hassle-Free Calibration - Calibration kits available for quick & easy checks. No set points required. Cartridges can also be easily removed and replaced.
  • 3 Sensors Available For Added Protection -In addition to the carbon monoxide (CO) sensor, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and oxygen (02) sensors are also added.

Tactical Advantage

Smart Device & Cloud Integration

  • The most intelligent gas detection monitor on the market.
  • View your air quality from any device. Connect the GX4™from your laptop, tablet, phone or via a network.
  • All sensors are displayed on the home page in real time. 
  • You also have the ability to download logs and much more.

Unbeatable Comfort 

Real Time Monitoring for Early Detection.

While low level exposure may not be immediately fatal, ongoing contact at low levels has a cumulative effect, causing serious illness and long-term health concerns. Early symptoms can be mistaken for the flu, headaches or tiredness. It is a serious problem for operators and businesses alike and is commonly overlooked.

Design & Engineering

  • Pre-calibrated Gas Sensors -Last up to 2 years.
  • Versatile Mounting - Bracket - Your GX4® can be mounted to a Radex™ Airline Filter, GX4®carry case or to the wall.
  • Robust Power & Push Release Air Inlets.
  • Universal Power Options.

About RPB Safety

RPB respirators (PAPRs) are optimised for safety, comfort and portability. Whether you're welding, grinding, painting or experimenting in a lab, RPB is a brand you can trust.