Respirex Gtl Disposable Suit In Yellow Laminate Material, Size X Large


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SGD 2,249.60


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Units Per unit
1 - 4 SGD 2,249.60
5 - 9 SGD 2,208.70
10 - 14 SGD 2,126.89
15 + SGD 2,045.09

Respirex Gtl Disposable Suit

The fully encapsulating GTL is a Type 1A - ET single use gas-tight suit designed to protect the emergency responder against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.

The GTL suit is manufactured in Chemprotex™ 400, the latest Respirex material, which is a high performance chemical barrier, multi-layer nonwoven fabric, in a high visibility yellow colour. This suit represents the  latest in Gas Suit protection and is lighter in weight than suits currently available.

  • Fully encapsulating design to allow breathing apparatus to be worn inside the suit.
  • Heavy duty 122cm (48”) long gas tight zip, fitted to the right hand side of the suit - flap with a hook and loop fastener fitted to cover the teeth of the zip.
  • Adjustable internal support belt and bat-wing sleeves for optimal wearer comfort.
  • Flexible, multi-laminated, anti-mist visor giving clear undistorted vision.
  • Seams welded and taped for maximum performance.
  • Kemblok™ chemically protective laminated glove welded to the suit material with an elasticated over sleeve to prevent splash entering the supplied neoprene outer gloves.
  • Integral socks with outer splash guards.
  • Tested to EN464 prior to despatch for leak-tightness.



Suitable for emergency team use the suit is approved to EN943-2:2002 Type 1a ET, and has been tested for the 15 chemicals listed in EN943-2:2002.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance free for first seven years. An inspection and pressure test at year seven extendes the shelf life to ten years.


Material Resistance

  • FINABEL 0.7.C Chemical Warfare Agents.
  • EN14126:2003 Protective clothing against infective agents.

About Respirex

Respirex specialises in high performance chemical and respiratory protective suits for emergency responders. they also provide specialist protective footwear.