Respirex Gtb Reusable Gas Tight Suit In Rxcl158 Viton Size M, C/W Glove Size 10 & Boots Size 8


Respirex Gtb Reusable Gas Tight Suit

The fully encapsulating GTB is a Type 1A - ET reusable gas tight suit covering both the wearer and breathing apparatus. Manufactured in our new Laminate Viton® material, the suit is lightweight and provides advanced chemical protection. The laminate Viton® material consists of a polyester fabric coated one side with orange fireproof DuPont™ Viton® and one side with grey thermoplastic with an insert barrier film

  • Heavy duty 122cm (48”) long gas tight zip, fitted to the right hand side of the suit - double flaps with a  hook and loop fastener are fitted to cover the teeth of the zip.
  • Rigid double layer visor permitting clear undistorted vision.
  • Fixed or detachable Hazmax™ FPA safety boots - Exclusive to Respirex, these boots are highly chemically resistant and are CE marked to EN ISO 20345:2004 and EN345-2:1996.
  • Dual glove system consisting of a  chemically protective laminated inner glove bonded to an outer neoprene glove for mechanical protection.
  • Gloves fitted using the Respirex Locking cuff or new SureLoc cuff mechanism, allowing the user to easily change the gloves when necessary.
  • Seams are stitched and double taped.
  • Adjustable internal support belt enables wearers of varying sizes to use the suit comfortably.
  • Exhalation valves ensure that the pressure change within the suit does not exceed 400 pascals in one minute.
  • Optional pass-through fitted to enable supplementary air to be passed (via an airline) to the second-man attachment on the user’s breathing apparatus.
  • Leak-tightness test to EN464 prior to dispatch.
  • Annual pressure test required (or after each use.



Suitable for emergency team use the suit is approved to EN943-2:2002 Type 1a ET, and has been tested for the 15 chemicals listed in EN943-2:2002

Shelf Life

Suit can be safely used for up to 10 years after manufacture provided testing and maintenance is carried out in accordance with the user instructions. 


Material Resistance

  • FINABEL 0.7.C Chemical Warfare Agents.
  • EN14126:2003 Protective clothing against infective agents.

Options available at time of order:

  • Ventilation for arms & legs (GTVB model ref).
  • Air pass-through.
  • Attachments for lifeline, torch, anchor point, Diktron and Firefly DSU's.

Accessories and maintenance

  • Hazbag Decontamination Bag.
  • Citrikleen; Cleaning Solution.
  • MaxWax; zip lubricant.
  • Fog Off; visor cleaner.
  • Synodor; suit hygene treatment and odour neutraliser.
  • Training Suit.

About Respirex

Respirex specialises in high performance chemical and respiratory protective suits for emergency responders. they also provide specialist protective footwear.