Msa Miniscape Escape Respirator In Plastic Housing, 5 Mins


MSA Miniscape Escape Respirator In Plastic Housing, 5 Mins

Using the latest filtering media TabTec technology, the miniSCAPE is a one-time use escape device with 5 minutes service time. It is equipped with mouth piece and nose clip. Small and handy, the miniSCAPE fits into the pocket of an overall or any work clothing. It can also be belt carried, with the very practical integrated belt clip. In case of emergency, it can be donned very quickly and is immediately operational. The miniSCAPE does not even hamper people wearing goggles or glasses, since it is a mouthpiece device without head harness. It is housed in a rugged, translucent carrying case, to protect it against shocks and aging.

Features & Benefits

  • Small design high performances.
  • Quick and easy donning.
  • Universal fit (mouthpiece).
  • Easy carrying in the pocket or at the belt.
  • Safe respiratory protection also for persons wearing glasses and beard.


The miniSCAPE is CE approv ed as ABEK-5, according to DIN 58647-T7, and protects against numerous toxic gases or vapours e.g.:

  • Organic vapours, solvents, e.g. benzene, tetrachloro ethane, trichloroethylene, ...
  • Inorganic gases, e.g. hydrogen halides, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, ...

The miniSCAPE is fitted with a comfortable silicon mouthpiece directly connected to the filter housing. A nose clip is attached to the unit by a securing cord.The miniSCAPE is stored in an impact resistant plastic case, which can be quicklyand easily opened by pulling the sealed tab located on the front. Simple instructions for use are readily visible from the outside.

Filter Technology

The miniSCAPE features the new generation TabTec filter. Instead of the commonly used charcoal granules inside the filter housing, a carbon tablet is now used.

Compared with conventional filters, the patented Tablet Techno logy offers the same per formance but is more flexible and compact and thus permits a de finite reduction of the housing components. Weight, volume and polluting materials are minimized. It also offers a better resistance to shocks by eliminating the risk of tunnels in the carbon bed.

As a filtering device, the miniSCAPE is not to be used in oxygen deficient atmo - spheres. In cases of carbon mon oxide exposure, the escape hood S-CAP or any similar self contained escape device is recom mend ed.


  • Laboratories and plants, where toxic gases or vapours are handled.
  • Areas where toxic gases and liquids are stored.
  • Transport of toxic gases and liquids.
  • Areas in plants where toxic gases or vapours could leak.
  • At high-pressure valves, gas pipes, taps and stop valves, compressors, refrigeration equipment, etc.

In case of sudden and un ex pect ed releases of toxic gases or vapours at the work place, personnel can quickly and safely leave the danger area with the MSA miniSCAPE. The hygienic and convenient plastic case allows easy distribution to different persons, for example, visitors or workers. It can also be carried where workers may face permanent risk.


Part No. 10035860
Face piece Mouthpiece integrated on filter housing and
nose clip
Service time  Minimum 5 min (depending on conditions)
Use One-time use 5 minutes escape device
Flow resistance B Factory sealed 4 years
Dimensions (withcasing) Height approx. 112 mm, Width approx. 185 mm, Depth approx. 165 mm (incl. belt clip)
Weight 190 g (ready for use, in plastic housing), 130 g (in use, without plastic housing)
Approvals ABEK-5 according to DIN 58647-T7