Mapa Fluonit 468 Viton Chemical Resistant Gloves, Size 8


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48 + SGD 221.14

Mapa Fluonit 468 Viton Glove

Tactile sensitivity with wear-indicator.

  • Excellent flexibility and thickness optimization, due to the Mapa multi-layer. technology: good dexterity and comfort.
  • Nitrile inner layer: excellent mechanical resistance and a longer service life.
  • Green inner layer: wear-indicator for greater user safety.


Other industries

  • Site pollution control.
  • Printing.
  • Petrochemical refining.
Mechanical industry
  • Metal degreasing and etching.
Chemical industry
  • Chemical treatments (solvents).
  • Resin and adhesive manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing paints and varnishes.
  • Handling and transporting chemicals (solvents).
  • Galvanoplasty.

Instructions for use

  • It is recommended to check that the gloves are suitable for the intended use, because the conditions of use at workplace may differ from the “CE”-type tests.
  • Persons sensitised to dithiocarbamates and thiazoles should not use these gloves.
  • Inspect the gloves for any defect before use.
  • Put the gloves on dry, clean hands.
  • Do not use the gloves in contact with a chemical for a duration in excess of the measured breakthrough time. Refer to the website or contact the Technical Customer Service - MAPA PROFESSIONNEL ([email protected]) in order to know this breakthrough time. Use 2 pairs alternatively when in long duration contact with a solvent.
  • Turn the cuff end back in order to prevent a hazardous chemical from dripping onto the arm.
  • Inspect the gloves for cracks or snags before reusing them.

Storage conditions

  • Store the gloves in their original packaging protected from humidity and heat.

Laundering conditions

  • Before taking off the gloves, clean them as appropriate.
  • in use with paints, pigments and inks : wipe with a clean cloth dampened with a suitable solvent, and rub over with a dry cloth.
  • in use with a solvent (diluents, etc…) : rub over with a dry cloth.
  • in use with acids and alkalies : thoroughly rinse the gloves under running water, and rub over with a dry cloth.

Caution : improper use of the gloves or submitting them to a cleaning or laundering process which is not specifically recommended can alter their performance levels.

Drying conditions

  • Ensure the inside of the gloves is dry before reusing them.


This product is not classified hazardous according to the regulation (EC) n°1272/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council. This product does not contain more than 0.1 % of substance of very high concern (SVHC) or any substance included in the annex XVII of the regulation n° 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (REACH).


Interior FinishChlorinated
Exterior FinishSmooth
Length (inches)12
Thickness (inches)0.020 (20 mil)
Size8 9 10
Packaging1 pair/carton