Moldex 9000 Series Small Full Face Mask Respirator Size: S Facepiece (1/Bag, 2 Bags/Case)


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5 - 9 SGD 381.65
10 - 14 SGD 367.52
15 + SGD 353.38

Moldex 9000 Series Reusable Full Face Respirator -9001


Easy To Wear

At less than 13 ounces, the 9000 Series respirator is ultra-lightweight. Workers will appreciate the comfort and longer wearability and employers will benefit from increased user acceptance.

On & Off In A Flash

A convenient ratchet fastening strap system and the stand-away head harness make putting the 9000 mask on and taking it off quick and easy. The strap tabs are securely molded directly to the flange for rugged use.

A Mask With A View

The 9000 boasts an extra-wide viewing lens, with an exclusive over-molded flange design. This eliminates the traditional clamping frame found on most other face pieces.

Completely Free Of Metal Parts

The 9000 is completely free of metal parts, making it ideal for mines, refineries and other work environments where metal may be hazardous.

Maintenance Made Simple

Advanced design eliminates unnecessary parts. Our overmolded flange and harness tabs, plus integrated exhalation assembly, make cleaning and maintaining the 9000 Series respirator a breeze.


  • High-tech, streamlined design for exceptional worker acceptance.
  • Exclusive over-molded lens offers greater field of vision.
  • Lighter weight for superior all-day comfort.
  • Less cost and easy maintenance with very few replacement parts.
  • Stand-away head harness for easy donning and doffing.
  • Lens stays away from flat surface when laid down to avoid scratching.
  • Tear away lens protector included.
  • Lens meets ANSI Z87+ for high impact requirements.
  • 100% PVC-Free, like all Moldex products & packaging - for a greener alternative.

Common Applications

Full range of gas/vapor cartridges for these common applications and environments: Foundries, paper, pesticides, wood products, printing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture,tobacco, mining, petrochemical, aluminum processing, textiles, glass, chemical manufacturing, paint, laboratories, utilities, cement, fiberglass, coal, fertilizer, petroleum refining, oil or
water-based paints, electroplating, embalming, rendering, adhesives, construction, automotive, food processing, agriculture, mining, transportation industries, ship/boat building, health services, furniture manufacturing, primary and fabricated metal. Common applications and environments for 7940 P100 filter and 7990 P100 cartridge: For contaminants where an OSHA substance specific standard applies (asbestos, lead, cadmium, inorganic arsenic, MDA) requiring a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter as well as pharmaceutical, battery, nuclear, welding, metal processing. Also for use in environments
where oil-based particulates are present. Common applications and environments for N95 and R95: Welding, grinding, machining, bagging, buffing, cement, metal working, foundry, mining, poultry, sanding, wood, furniture, textiles, waste processing.

Always refer to instructions before using


Model  9001
Description Small Facepiece
Qty. per Bag 1 Mask
Qty. per Case 2 Boxes per Case

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