Atg Maxicut Ultra Safety Glove Cut Level C, 3/4 Coated Knit Wrist, Size 9


ATG Maxicut Ultra Safety Glove Cut Level C, 3/4 Coated Knit Wrist, Size 9


Recommended for use in dry environments with cut-risk.

Cut Resistant 

  • ATG MaxiCut Ultra 44-3455 is of Cut level C. Gloves are designed to protect protection against moderate cut hazards such as light glass handling and metal stamping.

  • CUTtech technology provides a high level of comfort to user while offering good cut protection through high performance yarns and fibres present throughout the gloves.

  • Reinforcement between thumb and forefinger helps improve glove’s cut resistance and protects the user.

High Dexterity, Comfort and Grip

  •   ATG gloves are designed based on a hand at resting position. They also come with a liner that reduces hand fatigue and improves comfort.

  • ERGOtech knitting technology improves fingertip sensitivity for dextrous work. 
  •  360° breathability – Micro-Foam coating in glove helps to direct moisture and heat away from skin and maintain optimal hand temperature.
  •  GRIPtech Technology offers an optimized and controlled grip to the user through the glove’s micro-cup finish.

Cleanliness Guaranteed

  • Certified by Oeko-Tex, ATG gloves are guaranteed to be “Fresh out of the pack”, SVHC is also not used during the manufacturing process.

  • ATG gloves are also certified by The Skin Health Alliance to be “Dermatologically Safe”.

Directions for cleaning

  • Soak them in warm water < 40 degree Celsius alongside with laundry soap or detergent for about 10 minutes. Rinse in cold water afterwards. Repeat wash and rinse should soiling of gloves be heavy.


Coating 3/4 coated knitwrist
Length (Size 10) 24.5 cm
Palm Thickness 1.10 mm
Sizes Size 6 (XS) - Size 12 (XXXL)
EN 388:2003 4542
EN 388:2016 + A1:2018 4542C
ANSI/ISEA 105 (2016) A3