Air Systems 50 Cfm Auto-Airtm Breather Box Filtration System, 4 Couplings, 9-Volt Dc Only


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Air Systems 50 CFM Intrinsically Safe Auto-Air™ Breather-Box® 79 CFM Flow Capacity 4 Couplings BB50-COAAP

If IDLH work environments exist, the the Auto-Air™ Breather Box™ option should be considered. The Auto-Air™ filtration system was developed to provide Grade-D breathing air with full automatic reserve air in the event of either electrical failure or reduced pressure from the main air source while working in hazardous environments. Reserve air activation occurs a 60psi and/or loss of electrical supply, the system automatically switches to the reserve air cylinder(s). Local and optional remote alarms signal the workers that the primary air system has failed and has switched to the back-up air system. The Auto-Air™ feature is offered in electric or pneumatic versions. Note: IDLH conditions require the use of a pressure demand respirator with at least a 5 minute escape cylinder. For technical questions, contact Air Systems' Customer Service Department.

NIOSH requires the use of 5 minute airline escape respirators when working in IDLH environments. Our Auto-Air™ feature does not replace the NIOSH requirement, however, some work environments may require a 30 minute or longer airline escape method to safely egress the hazardous area. This situation would require the use of an Auto-Air Breather Box® or Cart.

The primary air line connection is attached from the compressor to the Auto-Air™ Breather Box®. A reserve air line is attached from a single or bank of air cylinders based on the required egress duration. The system can be tested prior to each use to ensure proper function of the Auto-Air™ system.


AIR SYSTEMS INC. has the most comprehensive range of breathing air filtration & compressor systems for confined space. It includes HEPA vacuums, ventilation systems and fume extractor.

  • BB50-COAAP: 50cfm intrinsically safe Auto-Air™ Breather Box®, 79cfm flow capacity, 4 couplings
  • Primary air line, ½” inlet fitting
  • Reserve air line, ¼” inlet fitting
  • Filter change indicators
  • 2 automatic drains with discharge tubes
  • Carbon monoxide monitor standard
  • Remote alarm receptacle
  • Remote alarm receptacle
  • External warning lights and alarm
  • Safety relief valve
  • Specify respirator couplings
  • Visual air flowmeter to monitor