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Automatic Proximity Alarm

Operating heavy machinery is a daily requirement for many industries. However, with great machinery comes great risks. Many preventable accidents occur yearly when operators using bulky machinery fail to spot a colleague in time to avoid a crash.

Introducing SEEN Safety’s IRIS 860

The IRIS 860 is a modular system that serves as an active pedestrian proximity detection system. When it detects high-vis vests using its unique IRIS technology, it sounds an alarm with customisable proximity and loudness settings.

Critical risk zone only

- IRIS 860 detection zone
- Precisely targeted
- Reverse-only (optional)
- Avoids over-alerting (which results in operator annoyance)

Easily installed on most heavy vehicles such as forklifts and trucks, the IRIS 860 adapts to your workplace with ease.

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SEEN Insight is an optional add-on that allows you to track detection incidents, allowing you to minimise the risks that lead to such incidents. Simply install the IRIS-i camera and let the IRIS 860 automatically update SEEN Insight every time a proximity event is triggered.

SEENSafety Products

SEEN IRIS 860 Sensor


SEEN IRIS 860 Sensor and IRIS-i Camera


SEEN Insight


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