Safety Leak Drip

Safety Leak Drip

1. Colour-coded for your convenience!

New Pig absorbents come in many eye-catching colours! But these colours
aren’t just for fashion. The colour of each product lets us know what they can do!


Gray, blue and yellow are universal absorbents. Coolants, oils, waters and solvents are no match for these versatile equipment! For general-purpose spills, these do the trick.


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White, brown and multicoloured are specially designed to absorb oil- and
only oil- when the mess involved water. Oil spill over water? These
absorbents take away the oil and leave the water untouched!

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Pink means hazardous materials. Is the spill a dangerous chemical? Rest assured: pink absorbents are the most inert absorbents available and are extremely unlikely to react dangerously with the spill. When there’s no roomfor doubt or error, think pink.

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2. Absorbents come in many form factors!

No two spills are alike, and there’s an absorbent form factor for every type of spill.


Mat pads and rolls are used like your kitchen paper towels. Small spill? Just use these to clean them up! They’re cut into rectangular shapes so they’re easy to grab and go.



Socks and booms look like sausages or pool noodles. Line them round the
perimeter of a spill to stop it in its tracks!



Pillows are similar to mats, but absorb much more liquid per volume! Use them to stop a persistent leak at its source, or to quickly mop up a contained spill.



Granular/loose absorbents can enter small cracks and hard-to-reach places!
Perfect for accessing spills that other forms of absorbents can’t.



Here’s how to use each absorbent to max capacity!

Often, people underestimate the amount of liquid that absorbents can take! So
they replace the mat or sock as soon as it looks full. But often, a sock or mat that
looks thoroughly drenched can take more!

You only need to replace your absorbent when liquid is pooling around the edges
of the mat. For socks, replace it if the spill begins to leak past the sock.


Keep your spill kits handy!

When a spill happens, every second is precious! The longer it takes to access
your spill control measures, the more mess happens. And for spills involving
dangerous chemicals, the higher the chance of serious damage or injury.

Keep your employees trained and keep spill kits in close proximity to areas with
high spill risks. Prevention is better than cure, but keeping the cure close by is
the second best thing.

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