Did you know?

Did you know that pilots who fail the random alcohol tests can be fined up to $100,000 and jailed for up
to 5 years under the Singapore’s Air Navigation Order? Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)’s
new zero-tolerance policy came into force after a drunk pilot caused his plane to remain grounded.

If even highly-trained pilots run the risk of abusing their drinks, can you say for certain that your staff
and workers are always sober at work?

Now, you can have the same reliability when testing for alcohol at your workplace.



Alcolizer LE5 Law
Enforcement Alcohol Tester

SKU: 400220CS

• Police grade
• Multiple test modes
• Bluetooth GPS AlcoCONNECTTM

Alcolizer HH3 Alcohol Tester
SKU: 300065

• Durable and rugged
• Multi-function tests
• Easy to navigate

Wall Mounted

Wall Mount 4
SKU: 70100

• Self Calibrating every 24 hrs
• 10o LCD Colour Display
• Management Systems Integration

SKU: 702000CS

• Fast, accurate and compact
• No accessories required
• Easy, low-cost modular calibration


A best practice drug and alcohol program can be an important part of your overall health and safety.

Service and Support

Alcohol breath test units are a critical component in ensuring the health and safety of satff.


Our leading-edge training and educated programs are conducted by factory-trained instructors.

Drug Testing

Alcolizer's Druglizer service is a drug testing program specifically designed for workplaces.

AlcoConnect Live

The Alcolizer AlcoConnect Live Data system combines Alcolizer's innovative testing technology..


We have offices and a distributor network around the world to support industry and Law Enforcement.

Here at PDS, we are the sole distributor of this essential device.
Chat with us to find out how the Alcolizer can guarantee that your staff are fully-engaged
and 100% sober.

Let’s stamp out drink-related accidents together.