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Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes
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Today, we learn all about safety shoes!
Our feet tether us to the ground, and unfortunately, that ground is full of hazards. Sharp objects and nails can cause serious injury or death without safety shoes. And let’s not get started on falling crates! Protect your feet with this handy explainer on all things safety shoe.

Know your safety standards!


S1 shoes are basic safety shoes suitable for most light work. They are great for general work such as warehousing and logistics.

S1 Safety Shoe Brands


S1P are more protective because of the P in its name: penetration resistance. These are great for industries where penetration resistance is essential such as construction. Don’t let an errant nail ruin your day!


S3 shoes are waterproof and are compatible with worksites that are exposed to oil. They’re required for oil rigs or other greasy, mechanical work.

Steel or composite toecap?

Bruises and Fractures

The toecap of a safety shoe serves a vital role: to protect your toes from impact damage. An errant falling crate or sharp edge could do a lot of damage without this vital piece of protective gear. 

We have two main options when it comes to toecaps:
steel and composite

Best value for Money Safety Shoes and boots

Steel toecaps tend to be heavier but more protective. They are not a good fit for workplaces that use metal detectors because they will need to be removed by workers before they undergo scanning. They are a great fit for workers who want nothing less than maximum protection in their safety footwear.
Best Lightweight Safety Shoes and Boots

Composite toecaps are made from materials that do not contain metal such as carbon fiber or plastic . They are generally lighter and more comfortable compared to steel toecaps so long work shifts become more bearable for wearers. Composite toecaps are always improving as new technologies emerge. They are great for most work in general.

You can’t go wrong with either choice, but if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask us!


Safety shoes can look great, too!

Who says fashion needs to be at odds with protection? As slimmer yet no less protective safety shoes emerge, good-looking safety shoes are no longer out of reach from the average buyer.

BATA Radiance series is great for style-conscious workers who wish to own a safety shoe they can wear around town. Available in a variety of styles and protection levels, these shoes wouldn’t look out of place for a night out at Orchard Road!
Which safety shoe is right for you?

Choosing your safety shoe requires much consideration! There is a myriad of factors that need assessing. What’s your safety shoe budget? Where do you buy from? What kind of specific work hazards do you require protection from? And most importantly: how can you get everything you need from a safety shoe within your budgetary limits? 

We’re here to help. That’s why we created a short video to explain our safety shoe-buying process. 

We’re here to help!

fits just right! We’d be delighted to guide you through all of your concerns and to address any burning safety questions you might have. Contact us today via our site’s live chat and let’s talk safety!
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