Safety Cabinets

Safety Cabinets

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Today, we learn all about safety storage options!

Our workplaces are full of hazardous and valuable materials that need to be stored safely. Just one dangerous leak can compromise your workplace safety. Sort out your flammable and corrosive storage before anything happens! And don’t forget your acid storage cabinets. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Safety Cabinets

Need to keep valuable but dangerous items? Safety cabinets are exactly what you need. Safety cabinets are designed to securely store hazardous materials in an organized and safe way.

Safety cabinets come in an array of eye-catching colours. But did you know that both storage cabinets and warning signs are colour-coded by design? This allows first responders to quickly identify the type of hazardous material involved in an accident. Here’s a list of colours and the materials they represent for your easy identification!

Yellow: Flammable material and drum storage cabinets
Red: Combustible material or paint storage cabinets
Blue: Hazardous chemicals or hazmat cabinets
Light Blue: Corrosive Cabinets
Orange: First Aid and Emergency Response Cabinet
Outdoor Safety Lockers
Safety Cabinet and Storage for Gas Cylinders

Flammable vs Combustible what’s the difference?

Despite the similar names, flammable and combustible mean two different things when it comes to safety. Justrite carries storage options for both flammable and combustible material .

The difference comes from flash point: the temperature at which spontaneous ignition due to high ambient heat can occur.

Flammable liquids have a low flash point, usually below 37.8 degrees . This means that it can easily ignite at relatively low temperatures, making them high risk materials.

On the other hand, combustible materials have a flash point between 37.8 and 93.3 degrees . It will still catch fire if suddenly exposed to a source of high heat, so be careful!

Justrite cabinets exist for both flammable and combustible materials. Now you won’t confuse one for the other!

Safety storage for waste materials

We use trash cans to dispose of our waste. And our workplaces will require something similar to store flammable waste products.

Justrite’s selection of safety drums not only store flammable liquids securely, but actively prevent workplace fires! They feature an array of safety features such as funnels and faucets fitted with flame arresters . These implements prevent heat from reaching the flammable raw materials contained within, preventing stray sparks from reaching and igniting a safety drum ’s contents.

For waste products, consider a safety container designed to keep flammable waste materials safe before disposal. Justrite offers oily waste cans that prevent fire from igniting the oil within. And for cigarette butt disposal, consider a self-extinguishing smoking receptacle that also serves as an outdoor ashtray.

Type I, Type II, DOT Safety Cans
Type 1 safety cans have a self-closing leak proof lid for storage. If you would like to dispense the liquid, Type II safety cans are vented to provide smooth liquid flow for controlled pouring. Also, if you need to transport your safety cans, choose DOT cans. They have heavy duty bars to protect the spout and prevent fuel spillage in case of fall. All of them are FM approved. Meet OSHA and NFPA requirements.
Waste Disposal Safety Containers (Oily Waste Can)
Dispose your oily absorbents or trash safely to prevent spread of fire caused by spontaneous combustion.
Surface and Parts Cleaner (Plunger Cans)
Mainly to moisten cleaning cloths in small amounts of liquid.
Self-extinguishing smoking receptacle and outdoor ashtray

Keep unsightly cigarette butts away and prevent risk of fire.

Application: Any building facility with designated smoking area.

When all else fails, keep a spill kit handy!

Accidents can still happen despite our flammable and corrosive storage if we’re not careful. That’s why our workers need to be supplied with spill kit training! Spill kits are first-response items designed to quickly arrest a growing spill, limiting its reach and preventing slips, trips and falls. Keep a spill kit near your safety storage areas for added workplace safety.

We’re here to help!

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