BLS 030C FFP3 R D 8006338 [10PCS/BOX, 12BOXES/CARTON]


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BLS 030C FFP3 R D 8006338

BLS Zer0 is designed to offer both: maximum protection and maximum comfort. It includes only FFP3 models but provides a breathing resistance comparable to a FFP1 respirator.



The pre-formed and elastic support makes an easier and reliable fit to all kinds of faces. It offers an excellent visual field and a great compatibility with glasses.

Eolo® Exhalation Valve

An ultralight membrane concentrates the exhaled air into two zones of maximum aperture, 30% wider than before. With these improvements breathing resistance decreases significantly.

Armor® Layer

It is an external protective layer that ensures the protection of the filtering material from dirt, dust and liquids as well as the normal mechanical stress due to prolonged use thus extending and preserving filtering efficiency and making the device safer.

Face Seal

It is a very important component to ensure optimal fit. It made with a smooth and pleasant to the touch layer, that absorbs sweat and keeps the skin cool and dry. It can be on the upper part of the mask, or complete (suitable for smaller faces).

Activated Carbon

An activated carbon layer may be added to the respirator to protect from nuisance odours caused by gases and vapours, both organic and acidic, including ozone (ideal for welding operations), in concentrations below the threshold limit value (TLV).

It Breathes!

The ratio of transmission of water vapour through the material is 4500 g/m² * 24hrs. A value that defines materials of a high transpiration range which makes it ideal for hard physical work.

Single Pack

It allows maintaining a high level of hygiene.


Brand Name BLS
Code 8006306
Product BLS ZerO 30 C
Protection FFP3 R D
Exhalation Valve
Welded Straps Yes
Carbon Layer Yes
Gasket Partial
Protective Layer  Yes