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Heightec Prism Descender - D31

High specification multi-function rope access descender.
  • Variable friction and high capacity rope access descender for abseiling, ascending, lowering, hauling and rescue.
  • Multi functional PRISM descender specifically designed for rope access. High capacity rope descender can be used for abseiling, ascending, lowering, hauling and rescue.
  • Multiple threading configurations provide different levels of friction. User can switch from one configuration to the other while device is loaded:
  • Normal Friction – will brake if the handle is released or if it is squeezed fully. PRISM does not require additional friction from a second karabiner to hold higher loads.
  • Reduced Friction – used for: ascending, paying rope in and out, or under partial load, such as when moving across a horizontal surface towards an edge prior to abseiling.
  • Meets selection criteria of IRATA International Code of Practice, March 2013,
  • Locks if handle is released or squeezed too hard. Suitable 2 person loads.
  • Patented duo brake mechanism increases friction under heavy loading and reduces rate at which friction is released.
  • Inspection and cleaning is simple as all component parts of device are visible and accessible.
  • Stainless steel friction surfaces for reduced wear and consistent performance.
  • Can be used as a releasable anchor in rig for rescue systems.


  • Multiple configuration, can change between configurations under load.
  • High 200kg load rating, suitable for rescue.
  • Double-braking mechanism.
  • Robust, high strength aluminium with stainless steel friction surfaces.
  • All component parts visible for easy inspection and maintenance.


Sizing Rope diameter 10.5mm - 11.5mm
Material Aluminium and stainless steel
EN Mass Test 200 kg
Loading 200 kg
Weight 0.49 kg
Conformity EN341 B, EN12841 C