Speakman Combination Emergency Deluge Showers With Aerated Eye Wash


Speakman Platform Operated Shower - SE253

The SE-253 Lifesaver® Emergency Shower features a floor mounted emergency deluge shower supplied with stay-open full flow ball valve, activated by triangular pull rod. All Speakman showerheads are non-clogging,self cleaning and can be supplied to fit any application. The impeller action of these heads distributes floods of water without voids in the shower pattern that ensures complete body coverage for faster decontamination.Note: Units require an uninterrupted water source, preferably no less than 25mm, with minimum flowing pressure of 130kPa and maximum static pressure of 860kPa.
  • Speakman Emergency Showerhead: 8″ Cycolac® yellow plastic.
  • Flow Control: Internal 20 gpm regulator.
  • Valve: 1″ NPT female brass, chrome-plated, stay-open valve.
  • Activator: Powder coated yellow, aluminum triangular pull rod.
  • Inlet: 1″ NPT female.
  • Performance: 20 gpm @ 20 psi.
  • Compliance: ansi Z358.1.
  • Universal Emergency Sign Included.

Speakman Traditional Series Wall Mounted Eyewash - SE-580

Speakman traditional series round bowl eyewash stations provide the highest level of performance. All traditional series eyewash stations feature dual aerated spray heads with automatic flow controls and flip top dust covers. The aerated water flow, a Speakman signature feature allows soft flowing water to provide a wider coverage, cleaning full facial areas. Additionally our emergency eye wash stations are equipped with a stay open ball valve activated by a paddle handle allowing hands free operation once the eyewash has been activated. The Speakman Traditional Series SE-580 Wall Mounted Eyewash with Plastic Bowl meets the ANSI/ISEA Z385.1 standard & OSHA compliance.
  • ABS plastic bowl.
  • Dual aerated spray heads with flip top caps.
  • Integral flow controls.
  • Features a push handle activation.
  • 3.18 gpm at 30 psi.

About Speakman Emergency Station

Speakman produces dedicated solutions to clean off hazardous materials quickly. From showers to eyewash stations, Speakman has it all.