Alcolizer Druglizer Le5 Drug Tester


LE5 Drug Tester – the ultimate handheld drug testing solution

Fast, accurate drug testing for law enforcement and industrial workforces around the world.

Accurate, fast, law enforcement grade drug testing

LE5 Drug Tester technology incorporates state-of-the-art Linear Detector Arrays and a patented Optical Filtering System to deliver accurate and fast oral fluid drug test results from 90 seconds.
LE5 Drug Tester clearly identifies and displays the result so the user is not required to interpret the presence of a line like other test devices.

Multi-drug groups oral fluid testing

Developed to detect a variety of drug groups and in specific test combinations, LE5 Drug Tester is configured to target concentrations as specified under Australian Standards AS 4760-2006.

Fast, easy module servicing

Maximum unit availability – the module exchange system enables easy on-site service. Achieve long term savings via reduced unit management and no operational disruption

Robust, durable and connected

Designed, developed and tested alongside roadside law enforcement workforces, the LE5 Drug Tester delivers outstanding performance in rugged, demanding and remote environments.
Ask us about available options that include AlcoCONNECT™ Toolbox data download, Bluetooth printing and GPS.

Service and support

Each LE5 drug tester has a product lifetime warranty on the parts when maintained under an AlcoCARE™ plan. Druglizer LE5 Drug Tester is supported by a global network of service providers and factory trained professional technicians for servicing every 6 months.


A Druglizer Cartridge and Druglizer Oral Fluid Collector are required to perform an oral fluid drug test using the LE5 Drug Tester. Both items are securely packaged in a batch and expiry dated foil pouch. Discuss your drug testing needs with us today – call us or fill in the equiry form below.

About Alcolizer

Alcolizer provides testing kits and devices that ensure your workers are not working under the influence. They specialise in drug and alcohol testing.

INSTRUMENT APPLICATION Law enforcement and Industry
SENSOR TYPE Lateral flow strips with patented Optoelectronic sensor
Designed to Australian Standards AS 4760-2006 (Procedures for specimen
collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs in oral fluid)
TEST TIME Test results from 90 seconds
DISPLAY Transreflective colour graphics LCD screen
MOUTHPIECE Druglizer Oral Fluid Collector
CALIBRATION Module exchange system for on-site calibration
Rechargeable Li-lon battery system
WEIGHT 310g (including battery and cover)
DIMENSIONS 196mm H x 66mm W x 43mm D