This powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) and hood combo represents your ultimate defence against viral
particulates. With a filtration efficiency of 99.97%, you can be assured of a clean
air supply that lasts for hours!

And as an added benefit, the cowled design means it’s far more comfortable to
breathe as compared to standard nose or mouth-fitted respirators. You deserve to
breathe with ease as you work those long shifts.

Read more about how the Tecmen PAPRs benefited doctors and nurses in combating the recent pandemic

Higher safety standards

This product is CE EN12941 certified. Its P3
filter has a 99.97% filtration efficiency. 

Extremely comfortable

By providing positive-pressure air supply,
you can be sure that filtered, clean air will
make your mask-wearing experience a
pleasant one.

Clear, unobstructed vision

Anti-fog properties ensure your work
efficiency is never compromised.



Isolating ward and medical observation site 

 Transfer of the infected

Corpse treatment 

 Sample collection

Environment disinfection 

 Laboratory testing


High Quality Motor 

This brushless motor produces strong air despite its
low power consumption and quiet operation. It lasts
up to 3 times longer than conventional motors.

Maximum Air-Flow 


Motor Life Time


Intelligent  Air Supply 

The respirator motor automatically adjusts power and
air-flow to compensate for blockages on the filter box.
This intelligent control provides a stable and clean air
flow supply, keeping the user comfortable at all time.


Real-time monitoring displays information on air flow, battery power, particulate
matter and filter box blockage. When the filter is blocked beyond sufficient air
supply or the respirator power is low, a warning lamp will flicker automatically
and the respirator will sound and vibrate. The triple alarm system will alert the
user to ensure complete safety at all times.


battery power

filter box blockage